RTI Real-Time Connect

RTI Real-Time Connect 5.1

RTI Database Integration Service provides bidirectional integration
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RTI Database Integration Service (formerly RTI Real-Time Connect) provides bidirectional integration between RTI Data Distribution Service and a relational database. It stores published data and publishes database updates. With a single instance, RTI has benchmarked storing over 100,000 messages per second using an in-memory database on a commodity four-core server.

RTI Data Distribution Service includes run-time services and adapters that ease integration of disparate applications and large-scale systems of systems. All services are scalable and fault tolerant.

RTI Routing Service enables integration of disparate, geographically disperse and legacy systems. It provides federation and mediation capabilities, including:
- Protocol conversion – with support for DDS, JMS, files and custom sockets protocols; an adapter software development kit (SDK) eases support of other technologies
- Bridging between networks and security domains – including between local and wide area networks, unsecured and secured networks, and IPv4 and IPv6
- Data transformation
- Content-based routing

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